Instagram Feedback Required: How to Fix the Error

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Instagram Feedback Required: How to Fix the Error

Did you receive the “Feedback Required” error on Instagram?

Many users have.

It usually comes as “feedback_required” or “Server error feedback required.”

This error will stop you from performing several actions, including liking, following, unfollowing, and commenting.

As for the cause of this error, it’s multifold.

You’ll likely receive this message if you’re using a bot that automatizes Instagram functions like liking and commenting.

You may have breached some user guidelines, outdated Instagram app, or faulty devices.

Summary: In this article, I explain how to resolve the “Feedback Required” error on Instagram.

This error often arises from violating Instagram's guidelines, using an outdated version of the app, or having issues with your device.

To fix this error, you can try accessing your data on Instagram, switching between cellular data and Wi-Fi, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app after 24-48 hours.

Remember, this error typically results in a temporary block on your IP and may resolve itself after a few hours.

How to fix “Feedback Required” on Instagram:

  1. Access your data on Instagram
  2. Switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi on your device
  3. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram after 24-48 hours

This article will show you how to fix Instagram’s “Feedback Required” error!

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How to Fix Feedback Required on Instagram

What Causes the “Feedback Required” Error?

There are several reasons why you might be getting the Instagram “Feedback Required” error:

  • Using an automated software (bot) to schedule content on Instagram
  • Using banned hashtags in your post
  • Spamming identical hashtags too many times
  • Another user reported you for a breach of contract
  • Using an outdated Instagram app
  • Using a faulty device

If you breach the Instagram guidelines, you may receive a “Feedback Required” error.

Spam is immediately red-flagged on the app. For instance, you can’t use more than 30 hashtags, a comment, and five mentions in a post.

Certain phrases or words are not allowed when commenting on Instagram. You also can’t post the same comment multiple times in a row.

If your Instagram app is outdated, it may also show this error.

To fix it quickly, uninstall and reinstall it. The fresh copy will be up-to-date now.

Your phone may be faulty or could be bugging you out. Try restarting it and see if that solves the issue! Or maybe it’s your device that’s to blame.

How Can You Solve the Feedback Required Instagram Error?

There are three ways to solve the Feedback Required error on Instagram:

1. Access your data on Instagram

Several users have said that accessing their data on Instagram solved this error.

To do this, enter your Instagram app, and go to Settings – Security – Access Data.

Once you log into your Instagram account and enter the app, go to your profile.

Instagram main page
Access your data on Instagram

Once you’re there, tap on the menu (Hamburger) icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

Accessing Instagram settings page
Accessing Instagram settings

When you open the menu, choose “Settings.”

Screenshot of Instagram settings page
Instagram settings

In the Settings menu, go to “Security.”

Instagram security settings page
Instagram security settings

Finally, go to “Access Data.”

Accessing your data on Instagram on the Instagram Security page
Accessing your data on Instagram

Once you tap on Access Data, it should begin loading. Enter your credentials if you’re asked for them.

Once it finishes loading, force-close the Instagram app and then reboot it.

This should have fixed the “Feedback required” error for good.

If it didn’t, follow through with the second solution!

2. Switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi on your device

Did you know that the “Feedback Required” error is a temporary block on your IP?

If so, switching between Wi-Fi and cellular network, and changing your IP address, should solve this issue.

Many users have reported bypassing the error with this fix.

To do this, swipe down from the top of your screen, turn off cellular/Wi-Fi and turn on Wi-Fi/cellular.

If you had Wi-Fi on when encountering this error, switch to cellular and vice-versa.

Switching between phone cellular and mobile data
Switching between phone cellular and mobile data

After this, close the Instagram app (force-close it, preferably), and reboot it.

If you still get the “Feedback required” error, the final solution should help you.

3. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram after 24-48 hours

The error may be a bug with the app or a glitch.

In this case, uninstalling and reinstalling the app after 24-48 hours should fix the error.

If you’ve got nothing better to do, you can wait for the error to disappear.

This temporary block shouldn’t take more than a few hours, 48 hours at most.

But to be safe, wait 48 hours and reinstall the app.


Whether you were using automated software, broke user guidelines, or did nothing, the “Feedback Required” error can be fixed.

To summarize, you can fix it by:

  • Accessing Data on your Instagram app
  • Switching between cellular data and Wi-Fi on your phone
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the app after 24-48 hours

In the future, you should avoid doing things too fast on Instagram. Don’t like or comment on too many posts in a short timeframe, for instance.


Why does Instagram restrict certain activities?

Instagram’s guidelines are pretty strict against spammers and bots.

They don’t allow them on their platform.

So, if you engage in spammy behavior, you will get a temporary block at first.

If you repeat, you’ll get worse and worse bans on the app until you receive a permanent ban. And that’s that.

Sometimes, you may receive the following error – “Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community”.

This pops up when the Instagram algorithms red-flag your behavior as being spammy.

To avoid this, stop being spammy in the future.

You can also link your Facebook and other social media accounts to your Instagram account.

This will help you appear as a human being rather than a bot.

How to fix a bug on Instagram?

It depends on the nature of the bug.

But, in general, there are several things you can do to remove most bugs in the app.

You can clear Instagram’s cache, force-stop the program, uninstall and reinstall the app after some time, and use another browser to log into the app.

Alternatively, you can update the Instagram app to its latest version and check your phone’s time and date.

The Instagram app may bug out if the device’s time and date settings are not actualized.

Its database needs an actualized time and date to show you present content and function normally.

Will the “Feedback Required” error appear on all devices?

Based on user feedback, the error doesn’t differentiate between Android, iPhone, or Windows computers.

If you appear bot be a bot or engage in spammy behavior, Instagram will block you.

The solutions to fix this problem are also the same across all devices.

However, changing your IP address and bypassing the Instagram feedback error will be more difficult if you’re on a computer.

It’s still doable but more complicated.

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