Roblox Troubles: How Do I Get My Deleted Account on Roblox Back?

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Roblox Troubles: How Do I Get My Deleted Account on Roblox Back?

Did your Roblox account get deleted, and do you want it back?

Can I get my deleted Roblox account back?

To get the ugly out of the way, you may be unable to retrieve your account, especially if there have been 30 days since it was deleted.

However, you can appeal the decision to Roblox support and hope for the best. You’ll have to prove you’re the account owner and defend yourself.

The reason why your account got deleted is also important. Was it a severe violation that Roblox’s Terms of Service are very strict about? Then, it’s unlikely you’ll retrieve your account.

But you never know. Keep reading to learn more about retrieving your deleted Roblox account! It’s worth trying, at least.

Summary: If your Roblox account was deleted, you may be able to retrieve it by appealing the decision to Roblox support. 

You’ll need to prove you’re the account owner and explain your situation. However, if your account was deleted for a severe violation of Roblox’s Terms of Service, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to retrieve it. 

It’s worth trying though, so keep reading to learn more about how to appeal the decision and increase your chances of getting your account back.

Appeal the Decision

Your only choice is to appeal the moderation decision. Go here and complete the form with your personal information.

Roblox support form showing the personal information fields you must fill out
Roblox support form showing the personal information fields you must fill out

Enter your account username, first and last name, and email address associated with the deleted account.

Then, select your preferred device, and in the “Category” box, select “Moderation“.

In the “Description of issue” field, explain your situation. Tell them you didn’t mean to break the guidelines and that you won’t do it again.

And if your account was deleted after a long period of inactivity, tell them you want to return to the platform.

Keep It Simple and Straightforward

Was your account banned by mistake? Then, you have a high chance of retrieving your account after explaining your case to the support team.

However, if you got banned for justified reasons, your chances of getting the deleted account back are pretty low.

Still, you should try your best and appear apologetic and remorseful. Maybe they’ll agree and give you the account back.

What you shouldn’t do is act entitled, angry, or appear disinterested in your actions. They will not get your account back if they don’t want to; you must remember that.

So, it’s your job to convince them that you “deserve” to get the account back. Your best chance is to act remorseful and sorry.

After you send the appeal, you should wait for 2-3 business days until the support team replies. If the answer is negative, there’s no use trying to convince them otherwise.

But if they decide to reinstate your account, try not to break the user guidelines in the future because you’re now in their crosshairs.

One wrong move, and your account is banned permanently!

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