How to Know if Someone blocked you on Roblox?

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How to Know if Someone blocked you on Roblox?

Do you think you’ve been blocked on Roblox, but you don’t know for sure? Well, one sure way of finding out is by going to that person’s profile.

Are you still friends with them? If not, can you send them a friend request? If you’re no longer friends “and” you can’t send them a friend request, you’ve been 100% blocked.

But there are other signs of knowing you’ve been blocked on Roblox. Just keep reading – we’ll finish this a lot faster than you think!

Signs that You Were Blocked on Roblox

Here are the best signs that you were blocked on Roblox:

  • You can’t send them private messages
  • You can’t send them a friend request
  • You can’t send them trade requests
  • You can’t send them all requests
  • You can’t chat with them in-game
  • You can’t send party invites to their friends
  • You can’t send clan invites to them
  • You can’t follow their friends to various games

Any one of the examples above could mean the other person has blocked you. Combined, these aspects provide 100% certainty that the other person has blocked you.

Why Did They Block You?

Don’t assume they have something against you if they blocked you on Roblox. Perhaps you insulted or offended them?

Or maybe you spammed their private chat or picked on them on the public chat. Any one of these reasons may make them block you.

To avoid being blocked by people on Roblox:

  • Don’t annoy and offend people intentionally. Try to stay out of conflicts and enjoy your time in the game
  • Don’t spam the public chat with random messages or links. No one likes those, and you’re only making matters worse for you
  • Don’t start or prolong unnecessary conflicts. Be understanding toward people and ignore aggressive people

Practice common sense and decency, and you won’t be blocked in Roblox. However, some players may block you simply because they’ve lost to you. It’s that simple.

You can’t avoid this behavior, and you should forget about it. And that’s all about this topic.

Leave a comment below if this guide helped you or if you need any more help!

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