Step-by-Step Guide: Accessing TikTok Private Videos Without Following

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Written by: Alex Popa


Step-by-Step Guide: Accessing TikTok Private Videos Without Following

Trying to stealthily watch videos of a private TikTok account, are you? Not to burst your bubble or anything but it’s impossible.

It’s not possible to watch videos posted by a private TikTok account if you are not following the poster.

The ONLY ways you could do this are if:

  1. The other person makes the videos public
  2. You use a friend’s account (who follows the private account) to see the videos
  3. If you follow them

I’ve written a very similar guide (only that it was for Instagram) which you can check out here.

You may still try some alternative solutions that may work in some cases…

Let me explain what I mean. Read below!

Summary: In this article, I explain that it’s not possible to watch videos posted by a private TikTok account if you are not following the poster. 

I provide alternative solutions such as using a friend’s account who follows the private account, searching for the person’s other social media accounts where they may have posted the videos publicly, or creating a fake account and following them. 

I also provide a link to a guide on how to create another account on TikTok.

Use a Friend’s Account

Is any of your friends following the other account? Because if they are, that’s your chance to watch some of those sweet, private videos.

Talk to your friend and accept indebted servitude for a few years in exchange for access to that person’s private videos.

The compromise should be worth it, depending on how much you want to see those videos.

Search their Other Social Media Accounts

Another way of watching private TikTok videos is not watching them on TikTok at all. How about trying to find that person’s alternative social media accounts?

Maybe they have other accounts, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’ve posted those videos on those other accounts.

And maybe, those accounts are public. I know, too many “maybe“s but what can you do. When dealing with such a rigid topic, the solutions will be potential at best and very unlikely at worst.

Create a Fake Account and Follow Them

This seems to be the best solution you have. I know you don’t want to follow them but what if you create a fake account?

I assume the reason you didn’t want to follow that account is to avoid associating yourself (your real-world identity) with that type of content.

Well, if you create a fake account (random name and profile picture), that problem is gone. No one will know who you are.

So, the potential consequences of being associated with that type of content are gone as well.

Creating another account on TikTok is easy. Follow this guide if you need help!

Otherwise, leave a comment below if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.

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My name is Alex and I have a knack for social media in all its shapes and forms. I’ve dealt with such things for quite some time and I noticed that many people have issues with social media and technicalities.

Unforeseen errors, bugs, and other problems make their use of social media problematic. These things will be discussed amply in the guides on Whizcase.

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