What Does SMT Mean on Instagram?

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What Does SMT Mean on Instagram?

Did you come across the “SMT” expression on Instagram and didn’t know what it was? Well, luckily for you, I’m a geek.

And like a true geek, I researched what this means:

  • Something
  • Suck My Teeth
  • Short Message Text

Instagram users are ingenious and will come up with different definitions for the same acronym because of course they would.

Take a look below for more details on the “SMT” expression, how it’s used, and what you should know about it!

Summary: In this article, I explain the different meanings of the acronym “SMT” on Instagram. It can mean “Something,” “Suck My Teeth,” or “Short Message Text.” 

I discuss how each meaning is used and by whom. I also talk about why people use abbreviations like “SMT” on Instagram and how to respond to it. 

Finally, I assure readers that it’s okay if they don’t know what “SMT” means on Instagram and encourage them to ask for clarification.

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What Does SMT Mean on Instagram?

SMT – Something

  • Used By – Teens
  • Meaning – In this case, SMT means “something,” and it refers to what you’d expect.
  • Example – “What’re you getting her for her birthday?” – “Idk, I’ll get her smt cheap.”
  • Interesting Details – Another form of “something” is “smth”. The two forms are used interchangeably.

This meaning of “SMT” is the most common among Instagram users. The other two are rarer and more niche.

SMT – Suck My Teeth

  • Used By – Teens
  • Meaning – It shows a pause in thought when the speaker considers what is being said in the conversation. It could also be used in a joking, almost reproachful manner for humor.
  • Example – “Have you thought about it?” – “SMT…” – “Oh, come on, I told you to think about it.” In this case, the speaker uses “SMT” to show that he’s considering what the other person said on the spot.
  • Interesting Details – This expression is tougher to deduce if you’re not part of the young generation.

SMT – Short Message Text

  • Used By – Teens and Adults
  • Meaning – “SMT” means “Short Message Text” in this case. It refers to a private message sent on Instagram or through other platforms and devices.
  • Example – “Did you speak to Aaron yet?” – “I sent him an SMT, but he didn’t reply.”
  • Interesting Details – Both teens and adults may use this form of “SMT” to refer to the same thing.

Why Do People Use SMT on Instagram?

Abbreviations like “SMT,” “lol,” or “lmao” quicken the conversation and make it smoother. Using shorter forms of expression makes talking online faster.

So, speaking swiftness is the number one reason people on Instagram (and not only) use “SMT” and other expressions when talking.

Another reason could be because it makes one look cool. This is especially the case with the younger generation, which is more prone to acting cool to impress.

That’s not all. Some people use abbreviations when they’re in a hurry and don’t have time to write the entire expression.

But in most cases, abbreviations like “SMT” are used because it’s quicker.

Based on my findings, in almost all cases, “SMT” was used to refer to “something” rather than “suck my teeth” and “short message text.”

But it’s worth knowing that the abbreviation has multiple meanings. Leave a comment below if you’re interested in learning more about social media expressions!

How do you respond to SMT?

We can’t all be expected to understand all the abbreviations used on social media. First, you need to deduce what it means. If it means “something,” then act as if the other person has said “something.” You could ask them to clarify if you don’t understand what they’re saying.
If the other person is “sucking their teeth,” they could be acting humorously regarding something you said.
In this case, you could continue the joke and become a part of the humor yourself. Self-humor is a great way to continue a conversation!
There’s no single way of responding to “SMT,”
though. It depends on your personality and how you communicate.
Everyone reacts differently to what they’re being told.

Is it bad if I don’t know what SMT means on Instagram?

No, it’s not. Social media has a talent for creating all kinds of abbreviations when shortening normal speech. You can’t be blamed for not knowing the abbreviations used in Instagram circles. These are tight-knit communities that have reached a common understanding of their speech.
You shouldn’t feel bad or ashamed for not knowing what “SMT” means on Instagram. Ask the other person to clarify!
If they’re making fun of you, don’t fret. If their intentions are good, act naturally and don’t make a scene.
If they intend to shame you, act maturely and understand there’s no reason to feel ashamed. 
Take control of the conversation patiently and let the other person know they’re being silly.

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