Breaking Down Twitter’s Jargon: The Meaning of POS

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Breaking Down Twitter’s Jargon: The Meaning of POS

Did you come across the “POS” expression on TikTok, and you don’t know what it means? This article will explain what this expression means and its use.

In short, “POS” means “Piece of Sh*t,” and it’s used to insult other people. This is the most common understanding of “POS” on TikTok.

Keep reading to find out more about “POS” on TikTok!

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What Does POS Mean on Twitter?

How Is “POS” Used on Twitter?

POS” is most commonly used with the “piece of sh*t” meaning on Twitter. People use this expression when they want to insult someone else.

Such a dialogue would look like this:

  • Person A – “You’re a POS, you know that?”
  • Person B – “Well, fu*k you too!

These insults usually end up causing conflicts between the two speakers, and others may interfere. Thankfully, the “POS” expression bears no racist, xenophobic, or other-phobic meaning.

Why Do People Use “POS” on Twitter?

They insult one another because they’re angry/irritated by someone who says something dumb.

Some people may use “POS” to refer to cryptocurrency’s “Proof of Stake” concept. But these instances are less common than the “Piece of Sh*t” meaning.

If you read another “POS” comment on Twitter, you can expect the other person to mean “piece of sh*t.”

There aren’t too many meanings for the “POS” acronym. Aside from “Piece of Sh*t,” “Proof of Stake,”


To summarize, “POS” means “Piece of Sh*t” on Twitter, a rather common insult people constantly throw at one another.

This expression is very easy to guess if you’re part of the new generation or even a young adult. It’s overused on the internet, which makes it very common.

If you have any questions about “POS” or anything else, comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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