When Did Roblox Remove Tix?

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When Did Roblox Remove Tix?

If you’re an old Roblox player, then you likely know about the Tix, short for Tickets, Roblox’s previous currency.

They removed it in 2016 in an announcement on the official blog, claiming “confusion and delay” as the official reasons for the discontinuation of Tix.

However, many players have a different view on this – Tix was a free currency you could get daily while on Roblox. It brought no revenue to Roblox, which is why they discontinued it (the bastards…).

Keep reading to learn more about Tix, how it was obtained, what you could do with it, and why Roblox discontinued it!

What Was Tix and How Was It Used?

Tix was short for Tickets, the first form of currency on Roblox. It was introduced in 2007, and players could earn it through several means:

  • Logging in to the Roblox website daily
  • Having other players visit their “Place
  • Buying or selling clothing items in the avatar shop
  • Having other players visit your games
  • Through the Ambassador program – creating a link that led to the Roblox website and having people click on it (2 Tix per click)
  • Exchanging Robux for Tix

It was a free currency that players didn’t have to pay for. They could also convert it to Robux, which they could eventually withdraw for real money.

Tix were mainly used to buy items from the catalog and in advertisements. Most importantly, you did not have to pay real money for it.

Why Did Roblox Remove Tix?

Officially, Roblox removed Tix because it was confusing and time-wasting for new players. The players “didn’t understand what to do with Tix” was the official reason, or something of that nature. Which, as you might guess, looks like bullshit.

One year after Tix was removed, players began believing that the real reason was much more worldly and not as noble (no shit…).

The rumor goes something like this – Many players were using bots to obtain free tickets by visiting their Places and making transactions.

They would then convert the tickets into an unlimited amount of Robux, which could be cashed out through DevEx.

Another speculation says that players weren’t buying enough Robux, and since Tix was free, the company was not earning any money.

By removing Tix, players had no choice but to pay real money to obtain Robux, which could then be used to buy items in the avatar shop (to be expected).

Will Roblox Bring Back Tix?

That’s unlikely. First, Roblox has fully focused on developing the new currency – Robux. And it’s earning them a ton of money.

Bringing back Tix would mean canceling out all their previous efforts and reducing their profits substantially.

No sane company would ever choose to do this. I’d say that it’s impossible for Roblox to bring back Tix or another free currency ever again.

Once they’ve managed to tie the game to a premium currency, that will be the game’s new state forever.

Many players are complaining about Roblox removing Tix, even six years later. However, despite all the complaints, Roblox won’t bring back the free currency.

The only thing you can do now is purchase Robux if you want to enjoy your Roblox games!

Info time is over, for now. Tune back for other informative articles on Roblox or social media 😀

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