What is the “When the Sun Goes Down” Trend on TikTok?

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What is the “When the Sun Goes Down” Trend on TikTok?

Did you see a few TikTok videos with the “When the Sun Goes Down” caption or hashtag? Yeah, that’s a new challenge on TikTok.

TikTokers are dancing on a remix of the “Neon Moon” song of Brooks & Dunn, released in 1991. The “challenge” is that the TikTok users dance on a few verses from the remix.

That’s it. That’s the whole challenge. There’s nothing too difficult about it. You need to follow several moves for the challenge, though.

Keep reading more about the “When the Sun Goes Down” challenge on TikTok!

Summary: In my article, I discuss the TikTok trend known as the "When the Sun Goes Down" challenge, which features users dancing to a remix of the "Neon Moon" song by Brooks & Dunn. 

This challenge became popular after Samoan user Manumalu Moe created a dance to the song, and since then, it has been replicated by over 700,000 people, including celebrities and athletes. 

The catchy remix by DJ Noiz and the simple yet captivating dance moves have contributed to the trend's widespread success on the platform.

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What is the "When the Sun Goes Down" Trend on TikTok?

What Is the “When the Sun Goes Down” Challenge on TikTok?

If you want to listen to the song, you’ll find it on YouTube if you search for “Neon Moon Remix“. Or just click here.

The remixed song is much catchier and livelier than the original, which is why TikTok has adopted it so fast.

If you look at any “When the Sun Goes Down” video on TikTok, the same pattern appears – one person or more will make some dance moves to the following lyrics:

No-Noiz, Noiz
When the sun goes down
On my side of town
That lonesome feelin’
Comes to my door
And the whole world turns

The dance moves are always the same. The original poster of this TikTok challenge was the Samoan user Manumalo Moe.

Samoan TikTok user Manumalu Moe
Samoan TikTok user Manumalu Moe

He created a video to credit the Samoan DJ Noiz, who remixed the “Neon Moon” song from Brooks & Dunn.

Eventually, the DJ contacted Brooks and Dunn and asked for their permission to release the remix on other platforms.

How Popular Is this TikTok Trend?

It’s very popular. Over 700,000 people have taken to TikTok to replicate this dance on the now-famous song remix.

Even some celebrities like comedian Rosie O’Donnell and the actress Jude Demorest are participating in the trend. Dancers, influencers, and even football players have become involved with it over time.

Unfortunately, the name of the man who started this whole thing on TikTok is unknown. Manual Moe should be credited with this trend, so check out his channel!

I suspect it will become even more popular in the future because the song is very catchy and the dance moves are lit.

We’ll see!


In short, the “When the Sun Goes Down” trendy challenge on TikTok comes from DJ Noiz’ remix of “Neon Moon“, a country song by singers Brooks and Dunn.

The Samoan user Manumalu Moe popularized it by attaching a specific dance to the song on TikTok, and ever since, TikTok users have been raving about it.

You can’t swipe through 2-3 videos on TikTok without seeing one of these “When the Sun Goes Down” challenges.

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions!

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