The Roots of Roblox’s Toxicity: Slenders and Online Daters

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Written by: Alex Popa


The Roots of Roblox’s Toxicity: Slenders and Online Daters

Asking why Roblox players are so toxic is like asking why every online game has its share of toxic players. It’s the natural course of multiplayer games.

When a game’s user base is mostly made up of kids aged 8-13, the reason for the toxicity becomes even clearer.

Simply put, toxic Roblox players don’t know any better. They’re either too young to realize what they’re doing is bad or don’t care enough to stop.

In all fairness, Roblox’s community is infamous for its toxicity, so much so that most of the toxic players are split between two categories:

  • Slenders
  • Online Daters

We’ll review each category in the following paragraphs, so keep reading to learn more!

Summary: In the world of Roblox, toxic players are an unfortunate reality. 

Primarily stemming from bad education and low self-confidence, these players often fall into two categories: Slenders and Online Daters. 

Slenders, inspired by the creepypasta character Slenderman, seek attention and validation through their toxic behavior. 

On the other hand, Online Daters include children who don't understand the implications of their actions and predators who prey on the innocence of these children. 

This toxic behavior is a reflection of underlying human flaws and character traits that are exacerbated in the online gaming environment.

Common Reasons for the Toxicity

The reasons behind toxicity in the gaming industry are not specific to one game. Rather, they can be traced back to human flaws or normal character traits used badly:

  • Emotional instability – players who swear, insult and offend others on seemingly harmless stuff just because they get annoyed easily and are emotionally unstable. This is especially true for kids aged 8+
  • Influenceable personality – players who don’t want to feel isolated and are very influenceable, so they start doing what the people around them are doing. Generally, behaving badly is seen as “cool” and “badass” by toxic people
  • Lack of self-confidence or inferiority complex – Many toxic players behave the way they do because they don’t feel good about themselves internally. By making fun of or mocking others, they obtain some kind of satisfaction that fills their psychological gaps
  • Bad education – Many toxic players are uneducated, and their character flaws haven’t been discouraged enough by the people around them. With Roblox players, that responsibility falls on the parents who don’t supervise their children enough to notice these character flaws
  • Toxicity for toxicity’s sake – Some Roblox players are toxic just for the sake of it. They derive joy from mocking other people and making them feel bad

Most of these can be summed up in two major character flaws – bad education and a lack of self-confidence that makes them lash out at others to fill the void.

Slenders & Online Daters

This section will cover the two most infamous types of toxic Roblox players, the Slenders and the Online Daters.

1. Slenders

Slender-looking character in Roblox
Slender-looking character in Roblox

Slender Roblox players usually dress in a goth-punk-inspired style and choose thin and very tall body types.

The creepypasta Slenderman character is the inspiration for this. The origin of the Slenders is shrouded in mystery and controversy.

No one knows who came up with the idea for sure, but once it gained popularity, an entire group was born.

Slender Roblox characters use the R15 body type and use the following settings:

  • 105% Height
  • 100% Width
  • 100% Head
  • 0 Proportions
  • 100% Body Type

Once you’re done making your character thin and lean, you need to start clothing it all in black. So, that’s how a Slender character looks.

But why are they toxic? They’ve even coined a phrase, “Mic up“, which is used as an insult against other players.

They’re screaming for attention. Forming gangs, insulting others, ruining their experience, annoying them, and being toxic is seen as “cool“.

Slenders are dressing the way they do and being toxic simply because that’s how they feel they should behave.

2. Online Daters

Online Daters on Roblox
Online Daters on Roblox

There are two categories of Online Daters in Roblox:

  • Children who don’t know what they’re doing and think they’re cool
  • Predators who like to prey on the innocence of children

Sometimes, the Slenders are also Online Daters, which further muddles the waters and gives you a splitting headache trying to figure out what’s happening.

Online Dating in Roblox became a thing with the emergence of games like “Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid” or “Life in Paradise“, which were immediately shut down as soon as they saw the light of day.

Their creator, user Tremity, got his account terminated on the spot.

Many YouTubers are vehemently against Online Dating in Roblox and are either using admin commands to kick them from servers or troll them.

Online Daters also tend to be hyper-toxic, swearing a lot, using adult innuendos that they don’t understand themselves (children), or being fully aware of the deviousness of their advances (predators).

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