Censoring Discord: Roblox’s Efforts to Keep Kids Safe

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Censoring Discord: Roblox’s Efforts to Keep Kids Safe

If you’ve played any game of Roblox, you know how heavy the censorship is on the platform. They even ban the word “Discord” from being typed in the chat window.

Discord is not meant for children and is thus not as regulated as Roblox. If Roblox allowed its users to be redirected to random Discord servers, they’d lose their rating.

Roblox does this because most of its audience comprises children under 18 or 13.

In order to be legally allowed to have children on its platform, Roblox must adhere to strict regulations that ensure the children’s safety.

This might mean:

  • Ensuring that they don’t give private information to strangers
  • Ensuring that they don’t access mature content through links
  • Ensuring that they’re not redirected to unsupervised networks like Discord
  • Ensuring that they’re not exposed to profanity innuendos

Keep reading to learn more about Roblox’s censorship!

Summary: Roblox enforces strict censorship rules, including the banning of the word "Discord," in order to maintain a safe environment for its predominantly young audience. 

This heavy censorship is required for Roblox to legally serve children and ensure their safety, preventing them from accessing mature content, sharing private information, or being exposed to profanity. 

Discord, which has less stringent regulations, can pose a risk to children who may be negatively affected by the content on its servers. 

Despite the censorship, users find ways to bypass it, calling into question the effectiveness of Roblox's current approach.

Reasons for the Censorship

Roblox and other similar platforms must obtain a fitting rating to serve children, which means enforcing strict censorship rules.

Parents wouldn’t want their children exposed to profanity, indecent remarks, or to give their personal information to strangers.

No harm must come to the children; this is Roblox’s responsibility. At this moment, Roblox censors profanity and self-identifying information.

For instance, the chat window will automatically blur any long string of numbers to prevent children from exposing their phone numbers or parents’ phone numbers.

Discord has much less strict regulations compared to Roblox. Profanity, indecent innuendos, and mature content are all allowed on many servers.

Children under 13 exposed to this type of content may be negatively affected. That’s why Roblox censors Discord and any mention of it.

Is the Censorship Accurate?

Not exactly, no. For instance, Roblox sometimes bans the words:

  • Can’t
  • The
  • Bucket
  • Hi
  • Um
  • Town
  • Secret
  • We
  • Well

Why? It’s unclear. My best guess is that users are using these words as replacements for profanity, and the algorithm has also been tweaked to ban these.

However, there’s no doubt that there are many false positive bans on Roblox. In this case, you should contact Roblox customer support and ask for assistance.

A moderator would analyze your case and unban you if the algorithm makes mistakes. These cases used to be very common on Roblox when the automated algorithm was first implemented.

However, the AI algorithm constantly learns about how players talk, and the number of false positives is declining.

Ways to Say Discord on the Roblox Chat

Do you want to bypass the Discord censorship on the Roblox chat? You can do that in several ways, though I wouldn’t recommend it.

You’ll receive a warning if a moderator catches you breaking the rules. Subsequent violations will result in bans, from 24 hours to permanent, if you keep breaking the rules.

Below are several ways you can say “Discord” on the Roblox chat:

  • D1sk04d
  • Thiskorrd
  • D!sc09rd
  • Th!sk0rd

I can’t guarantee these words won’t be banned in the future when the Roblox moderators catch someone using them.

Can I Say “Discord” if I’m Over 18?

Not on the public chat or when you’re talking with someone under 18 or 13 in the private chat.

If you’re direct messaging someone else who’s over 18, then you can say “Discord,” and you’ll be under fewer restrictions than normal.

However, no one can mention “Discord” on the public Roblox chat. That’s because the public chat is visible to everyone in-game, including those under 13.

If you’re over 18, you have nearly no restrictions when talking on a private chat with someone else who’s over 18.

Is the Discord Censorship Working on Roblox?

Not really, no. That’s because it’s extremely easy to find replacement words for “Discord“. All you have to do is ensure the other person understands what you’re referring to.

Some people use “this cord” or “thisc0rd” and countless other examples to refer to “Discord“. Banning the word “Discord” doesn’t help many people from mentioning the platform on Roblox.

A better way of stopping children from accessing Discord links would be to control who can “view” those links in the chat.

They could:

  • Identify accounts under the age of 13
  • Make the Discord links invisible to them

That would be harder to accomplish, but it would also permit Discord gaming communities to get more members from Roblox.

It would also let 18+ users befriend one another and share their social details for other platforms like Discord.

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