What Does Double Tapping on TikTok Live Mean?

Were you recently watching a TikTok live, and everyone yelled, “Tap the screen!!!“? Double-tapping the screen while watching a TikTok live will give the video a like or a heart. Another double-tap will give them … Read more


Why Does My TikTok Lag When I Record?

Are you having issues with lag when trying to record a TikTok video? You’re not the only one! Many users have been complaining about lag during video recording that doesn’t go away no matter what. … Read more


Is There a Like Limit on TikTok?

Are you wondering if TikTok will shadowban or restrict your actions on TikTok if you like too many videos at once? After researching, I found a great answer: the TikTok algorithm will most likely restrict … Read more


Can You Post Too Much on TikTok?

While TikTok allows you to post as much as possible, it wouldn’t be a good idea unless you want to risk being flagged for spam by the TikTok algorithm. So, how much is too much … Read more


Do TikTok Drafts Take Up Storage?

TikTok drafts take up storage on your phone; that’s true. What’s more, they take up a lot of storage space. After going through Reddit posts, some users said TikTok takes up anywhere from 30 to … Read more


How to Put Discord on Speaker?

Do you want to put Discord on speaker when you call someone, and you don’t know how? This article will explain how to do that on a computer and mobile device. To put Discord on … Read more

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