Can You Use TikTok Without the App?

Yes, in fact. You don’t need the TikTok app to watch videos. Instead, you can go to “www.tiktok.com” and watch any video you want without logging in. This works on computers as well as mobile … Read more


Are TikTok Reports Anonymous?

Yep, TikTok reports are still anonymous, fortunately. This means the other person won’t know it was you who pulled a fast one on them. Keep it stealthy! Similarly, you won’t know who snitched you to … Read more


How to Remove the “PFP” on TikTok?

To give you the bad news, you can’t remove your profile picture on TikTok. However, you can change it to a blank screen. Here’s how to do that: Despite not being able to remove the … Read more

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