How to Hide Your Snapchat Score?

Wanna hide your Snapchat Score so no one can see how popular you really are? Sure, you can do that in one of two ways: Yep, you actually can’t hide your Snapchat Score from everyone … Read more

What Does The Green Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

Have you seen a green arrow near your Snapchat story? You’re pretty sure it wasn’t there before, but now it’s staring at you. Specifically, this green arrow appears beside a viewer’s username. This article will … Read more

How to Save Snapchat Filters

Snapchat has a wide range of popular filters that you can use from the Camera feature. But if you come across a user-created Snapchat filter and want to use it, how do you save it? … Read more

How to Switch Accounts on Snapchat

Do you have multiple accounts on Snapchat and want to switch between them? All social media platforms let you do that, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Snapchat isn’t any different. You have to know where … Read more

How to Reopen Snaps on Snapchat?

Usually, Snapchat lets you reopen a snap only once after seeing it. It goes like this: So, yeah, Snapchat doesn’t NORMALLY let you reopen a snap as many times as you want. However, Whizcase has … Read more

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