Who Owns the Video Player Platform Odysee?

Odysee, the blockchain-based video player platform, is owned by the creators of the LBRY blockchain, Jeremy Kauffman and Jimmy Kiselak. Later on, the two CEOs were joined by co-founders Mike Vine, Josh Finer, and Alex … Read more

Why Does YouTube Keep Switching to Light Mode?

Since 2019, many YouTuber users have complained that the platform’s Dark Mode isn’t permanent. Once you refresh the page or open another YouTube video, dark mode disappears. It’s instead replaced by the vanilla light mode, … Read more

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Trying to watch a deleted YouTube Video, are you? Desperate that you can’t find it anywhere, are you? Well, you may not have tried these three solutions I have for you. Do these to watch … Read more

What is the Longest YouTube Video?

Are you curious about the longest video on YouTube? You’re in the right place! This article will tell you more about the longest YouTube video, what it is, and who made it. In short, the … Read more

Who Was the First Rapper on YouTube?

Have you ever heard about Soulja Boy? If you haven’t, then you’re about to. As it turns out, he was the first rapper to upload a rap song on YouTube. These aren’t just empty claims, … Read more

What Does “Join” Mean on YouTube?

Did you see that there’s a “Join” button on YouTube besides the “Subscribe” button? If you did, then you may not know what it’s about. What does it do? What’s more, not all channels have … Read more

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