How to Remove Followers on Spotify?

So, you want to remove some of your followers? That’s easy, though it’s not what you think. You can’t remove followers from your Spotify profile. This means that, even after you’re done with this guide, … Read more

How to Sync Local Files to Spotify?

Did you know that you can sync your local files to Spotify so that songs on your computer can appear on the Spotify app? You can do this on your mobile phone, too, though. This … Read more

What is Crossfade on Spotify?

Crossfade is the music technique that removes the silent pause between one song ending and another starting. You can enable this feature on computers and mobile to create seamless playlists. This is great if you’re … Read more

How to Download Songs on Spotify?

Do you want to download some of your Spotify songs to listen to them offline? Not a problem. But you’ll need Spotify Premium to do that. Free users can’t download songs on Spotify to listen … Read more

How to Stop Spotify from Adding Songs?

Are you tired of Spotify automatically filling out your playlists with recommended songs? Yeah, many users are saying the same thing. Unfortunately, this feature can’t be disabled on a free plan. You can only get … Read more

What Font Does Spotify Use?

Spotify, the wildly popular Swedish music streaming service, is loved by everybody. The font they use is especially interesting to many designers and typographers. Spotify used to have a different font, but the current representation … Read more

How to Loop a Song on Spotify?

Do you want to repeat a song on Spotify and loop it, so the app doesn’t move on to another song? You’re in the right place! This article will explain how to do just that … Read more

Why Did Spotify Randomly Log Me Out?

Are you encountering issues with Spotify? Because many people are in your situation. Spotify randomly logs them out with no explanation. Then, you can’t even log in because the app doesn’t let you. This article … Read more

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