How to Grow Your Discord Server?

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How to Grow Your Discord Server?

Growing a Discord server is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need patience, charisma, dedication, a bit of luck, and perseverance’.

You also need guidelines, which I’ll present below:

  1. Post your Discord server on r/findaserver on Reddit
  2. Promote your Discord server on other social media channels
  3. Add your Discord server to the server lists
  4. Use bump bots
  5. Make your server unique and interact with your community

There are quite a lot of things you can do to expand your server, and below, I’ll talk about all of these solutions, with examples, instructions, and screenshots to help you out.

Keep reading!

Summary: Growing a Discord server requires patience, charisma, dedication, and perseverance. This article provides several guidelines on how to do so.

 From posting your Discord server on r/findaserver on Reddit and promoting it on other social media channels to adding it to server lists and using bump bots, this guide has got you covered. 

It also emphasizes the importance of making your server unique and interacting with your community. 

Happy growing!

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How to Grow Your Discord Server?

1. Post your Discord server on r/findaserver

Post your Discord server on r/findaserver
Post your Discord server on r/findaserver

r/findaserver is a directory of Discord servers where everyone posts their new servers. This is where many users come to choose a server to join.

To put your Discord server here, you’ll need a Reddit account. It’s free to make one, so this isn’t an issue. After you create your Reddit account, go to “r/findaserver” and create a post about your server.

Create a short and to-the-point description that best showcases what your server is about, and let the readers know what makes your server special and why they should join.

Copy-paste the Discord server to the Reddit post and set it, so it never expires. You should also post your server regularly on subreddits to increase your exposure and get as many members as possible.

2. Promote your Discord server on other social media channels

This method is either weak or super strong, depending on your popularity on other social media platforms.

Promoting your Discord server will be a cinch if you have tens of thousands of followers on other social media channels.

You’ll gain a massive member base by linking to your Discord server on your other channels. If you have a YouTube channel, mention your Discord server in the description or video itself.

Some social media platforms that can help grow your Discord server are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Twitch streamers often have Discord servers that they promote during live streams on Twitch. If you’re an Instagram celebrity, it’s going to be just as easy to pitch your Discord server to your fans.

3. Add your Discord server to server lists

There are various Discord server lists out there that you can use to grow your Discord server.

Some of them include:

  • Discord Street
Discord Street
Discord Street
  • Discord Servers
Discord Servers
Discord Servers
  • Disboard
  • Disforge
  • Discords
  • DiscordMe

These platforms are created with one purpose in mind – to promote Discord servers and help users find the server they’re looking for.

You’ll gain maximum exposure to new Discord members if you put your server on these server lists. After you post your server here, remember to bump it constantly.

If you do that, it’ll stay at the top of the list all the time, and your traffic will be booming.

4. Use bump bots

Bump bots promote your Discord server to other servers automatically. Specific bump pots promote servers to other servers that use the same bump bot.

When you do this, your server will appear in a bump channel where advertisements are placed.

Some of the best bots you should use are:

  • Bump Central
Bump Central
Bump Central

Bump Central is the best bot on this list. With over 10,188 servers using it, it’s a great way to grow your Discord server quickly.

  • Liam

The Liam bot has a server count of 5,999 when writing this article. It means your server will be promoted across 5,999 servers.

  • DSC

The DSC bot has a server count of 9332 when writing this article. So, your Discord server will be promoted to all these 9332 servers and all their members.

5. Make your server unique and interact with your community

In the end, nothing matters more than your dedication to the server. Aim for quality above all else and try to make your server unique.

Ask yourself – “Why would someone join my server? What do I have to offer that other servers don’t?

You don’t have to be 100% original. That’s impossible in this day and age. But try not to copy-paste other Discord servers in your niche either.

If you’re just a copycat of another popular server, then people would rather join that server, not yours. With the methods on this list, you should be able to bump up your server count quite quickly.

Even if your server isn’t unique, these methods will still work. Try to interact with your community daily. Communication is the essence of any Discord server.

That’s what the platform is for!


If you want to build a Discord server centered around something you love, half the work of promoting it is done.

If you love what you’re doing, you’ll be passionate about it. People will notice that quickly.

You’ll also interact with your members organically, showing them that your server is of good quality.

To speed up the growth process, promote your server across other media channels, use a bot, and post it on server lists.

Is it against the Discord ToS to use promotion bots?

Yes, using promotion bots is against Discord’s Terms of Service. They don’t allow bots of any type, including self-bots or user-bots.

However, users say punishments have never been given for using promotion bots like

Discord doesn’t pay attention to this as long as the bot doesn’t modify or alter the way Discord works.

You should be fine if it doesn’t engage in spam or illegal activities and bother other users.

Hundreds of thousands of Discord users use promotion bots to promote their Discord servers.

Nothing’s happening to them, so you should be fine.

In any case, the worst-case scenario is you’ll get a warning to stop using the bot.

What is the biggest Discord bot?

Currently, MEE6 is the biggest Discord, with over 17,700,000 servers. It uses Custom Python, as well. Other large Discord bots include:
Rhythm with over 17,500,000 servers

Groovy with over 12,400,000 servers
Dank Memer with over 8,650,000 servers
Dyno with over 6,610,000 servers
FredBoat with over 5,660,000 servers
ProBot with over 5,580,000 servers
Hydra with over 5,560,000 servers
carl-bot with over 5,240,000 servers
Mudae, with over 2,840,000 servers with over 2,550,000 servers

The more servers a Discord bot has, the better it is!

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