What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram?

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What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram?

Are you wondering what the Pit Viper sunglasses brand said on Easter Sunday in 2021 shocked the world?

Well, we were curious to find out too. The famous sunglasses brand posted a rather insulting comment on Instagram about Christianity and Jesus.

The comment is quite graphic, but we’ll have a screenshot down below.

Keep reading if you want more details on what Pit Viper said on Instagram back in 2021, on Easter Sunday!

Summary: In this article, I discuss the controversial comment made by the Pit Viper sunglasses brand on Easter Sunday in 2021, which resulted in a significant backlash. 

The graphic and insulting comment about Christianity and Jesus on Instagram led to the social movement "#breakthepits," where people destroyed their Pit Viper sunglasses in protest. 

Some speculated that the company's account was hacked or a disgruntled employee posted the comment, but no official statement has been released by Pit Viper. 

As the hacking theory gained traction, the "#breakthepits" movement lost momentum. For further details and updates on this incident, continue reading the article.

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What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram?

What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram?

What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram
What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram

This is what the famous sunglasses brand said on Instagram on Easter Sunday. Naturally, their more than 600,000 followers weren’t too amused by this comment.

There was a true hysteria going down, with Pit Viper eventually removing the comment from Instagram.

A social movement on Instagram encouraged people to throw away their Pit Viper sunglasses. 

The “#breakthepits,” as it was called, garnered the attention of thousands of people who broke their Pit Viper sunglasses to show their indignation.

Some people argued that inappropriate comments like this make up the identity of Pit Viper. They’re a spirited brand known for their non-conformism and weird marketing materials.

They further argue that the sunglasses company commented a joke, certainly not a genuine insult to Christianity and the Easter holiday.

However, many people weren’t amused with the crude and “filthy” choice of words in the comment.

Was Pit Viper Hacked?

Most people assumed that the Pit Viper Instagram account was hacked by someone who then posted the comment.

The sunglasses company wasn’t involved in such drama in the past, and even their most non-conformist marketing spiels were harmless compared to this comment.

Nothing in their brand identity or past actions justified this comment. It was a total surprise to anyone.

Even a year later, it’s unknown whether Pit Viper’s Instagram account was hacked or not.

We assume it was. After all, no sane company would risk alienating its customers by posting such a comment.

Others said that a disgruntled active or former employee of Pit Viper took control of the brand’s Instagram account and posted the comment.

We’ll never know the truth because Pit Viper hasn’t released a statement yet.

What Happened to the “#BreakThePits” Movement?

Many people felt aggrieved over the Pit Viper Instagram comment and decided to do something about it.

All around the world, Instagram people would post videos where they shattered their Pit Viper sunglasses under the hashtag “#BreakThePits.”

Initially, the social media movement was gathering more and more people under its banner but eventually, they cooled off when the “hacking” theory appeared.

Most people agreed that the sunglasses company must have been hacked and stopped revolting.


Pit Viper posted an X-rated comment about Easter and Jesus in 2021, and this angered many of their Instagram followers.

Currently, the comment doesn’t exist anymore because the company deleted it.

However, you can still find screenshots of the comment on Reddit and other forums if you want to see the debates surrounding it.

If a statement appears from Pit Viper, we’ll be sure to update this article. Stay tuned for more updates!

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