How to Change Your Join Date on Roblox?

You can’t change your join date on Roblox because it wouldn’t make sense to be able to change it. It brings no benefits to anyone. The Roblox Join Date showed when you created your account … Read more

Does Roblox Have Anti-Cheat?

Roblox has an anti-cheat engine in effect, but until a few months ago, it was very ineffective at banning cheaters. Based on user complaints, the moderators weren’t too interested in banning cheaters either. It was … Read more

Do Roblox Warnings Expire?

Yes, Roblox warnings expire, but the expiration date depends on the actual warning you received. There are several types of warnings based on a point system: Typically, you’ll need 15 warnings before being banned on … Read more

Why is Roblox so Laggy All of a Sudden?

Are you experiencing sudden lag on Roblox and don’t know what’s causing it? Here are the most common causes for lagging in Roblox: Keep reading to find out how to fix the lag problem in … Read more

Why Are Roblox Players so Toxic?

Asking why Roblox players are so toxic is like asking why every online game has its share of toxic players. It’s the natural course of multiplayer games. When a game’s user base is mostly made … Read more

How to Stop the Roblox App from Opening?

Is the Roblox app opening everything you’re trying to play an experience on the Roblox browser on a desktop? That’s most likely happening due to a glitch with the app. It’s a known issue for … Read more

When Did Roblox Remove Tix?

If you’re an old Roblox player, then you likely know about the Tix, short for Tickets, Roblox’s previous currency. They removed it in 2016 in an announcement on the official blog, claiming “confusion and delay” … Read more

How Much Data Does Roblox Use?

Roblox is one of the most data-hungry games you can play on your computer or phone. On average, it consumes 400-500MB per hour, which is insane. By comparison, Minecraft consumes anywhere from 80 to 200MB … Read more

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