How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile?

Did you want to send a video on Discord mobile? You can do that easily! However, you’ll need to allow Discord to access your photo library. If you don’t, the photo library won’t appear in … Read more


How to Switch to a Personal Account on TikTok?

Switching between accounts on TikTok can become a hassle if you don’t know your way around the settings, especially considering there are three account types – Personal, Business, and Creator. Fortunately, you can switch between … Read more

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram?

You may have noticed that muting someone on Instagram is quite easy. But did you ever want to unmute someone? It’s considerably harder because the option to unmute someone isn’t in plain sight. It’s hidden … Read more

How to Save a Discord Profile Picture?

First off, you can’t do this on the Discord mobile or desktop app. Instead, you need to open Discord on your browser. Search for “Discord” on Google, open the website, and then select “Open Discord … Read more

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