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My name is Alex and I have a knack for social media in all its shapes and forms. I’ve dealt with such things for quite some time and I noticed that many people have issues with social media and technicalities.

Unforeseen errors, bugs, and other problems make their use of social media problematic. These things will be discussed amply in the guides on Whizcase.

I'll present the facts as they are, and offer quick and easy solutions for them.

It’s important to understand that every social media platform has its bad day. Sometimes, the servers don’t work or they’re overflowing with activity.

Maybe you forgot to update the app, and this creates issues with the functionality and features.

Perhaps the cache files got corrupted somewhere along the way, causing a crippling error to appear. I have extensive experience with most of these things and I would like to help you fix them.

Every article has extensive research behind it, leading to a comprehensive explanation and solution to every problem.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter have countless features and functionalities.

Some of them are as basic as liking and sharing a post. Others are hidden in layers of settings.

My guides serve as a helpful tool that familiarizes you with the way these platforms and apps function.

Both on a computer and a mobile phone, you’ll learn how to use social media platforms better and more efficiently.

I'm also well acquainted with debugging, app functionality, and problem-solving. For any issue that appears, there’s a solution.

Or several solutions, in most cases. Some of them are simple, some not so much.

You’ll learn all of them but the simplest ones will take priority. If you have an issue with a social media platform, let me help!

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