What Do Discord Mods Actually Do?

Discord moderators, better known as mods, are in charge of a Discord server’s rule enforcement. They ensure the community isn’t toxic and sticks by a certain code of conduct. To know what rules Discord moderators … Read more

How to Delete Audit Logs on Discord?

Did you do or say something wrong on a Discord server, and you’re wondering if you can delete the Audit Logs? That would erase all evidence of your actions on that server. But sadly, it’s … Read more

What Happens When you Close a DM on Discord?

Did you recently close a DM on Discord and are wondering if the conversation was deleted permanently? It wasn’t. Nothing gets deleted, including messages, pictures, or anything else in the conversation. By closing a DM … Read more

How to Connect Battlenet to Discord?

Do you want to connect Battle.net to Discord, and you don’t know how to do this? Follow this guide for a quick solution to this! How to Connect Battlenet to Discord? Here’s what you should … Read more

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